Justin Bennett Appoints Vice President of Strategic Operations

Cheryl Hughey
Cheryl Hughey, VP of Strategic Operations

President and CEO Justin Bennett recently created a Vice President of Strategic Operations position at Geodata IT to fuel future growth of the organization. The role was filled internally by Cheryl Hughey, who was mentored by Bennett.

Hughey originally was hired in the fall of 2016 as a proposal writer for the organization. Coming to Geodata IT with a seasoned background in marketing for other industries, the transition to government contracting was a challenging fit at first.

“It was hard starting over during should have been the middle stages of my career path. Geodata IT took underutilized skillsets and retooled them to a fresh paradigm,” said Hughey.

Through progressive tutelage by Bennett, Hughey grew from being the company’s writer to accomplishing more intensive research and business analyst work.

“I saw a diamond in the rough with qualities that others had missed. She’s a powerhouse with regard to marketing strategy. Her ability to recognize patterns and trends has grown to be an incredible asset,” said Bennett.

Since August 2016, Geodata IT has increased their employee size by 166% and are committed to employee diversity. In her new role as Vice President of Strategic Operations, Hughey will build upon the team’s success by driving the company’s mission forward through the development of essential partnerships to ensure continued business growth.

Geodata IT, LLC was named the Minority Owned Small Business of the Year for Eastern Missouri for 2017 by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – St. Louis District Office. An innovative and advanced technology company located in St. Louis, Missouri, Geodata IT is an 8(a) Certified and a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).



Edited 11/6/2017


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