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Our certified Agilist will guide your team through a series of activities that will turn unknowns into knowns. You will learn new tools that help you organize your solution delivery. If your goal is to ignite the fires of mission-focused delivery, this lunch and learn will challenge your team to think outside-the-box with proven methodologies that deliver results.

Currently Available Course topics:
Showing Your Hand
Need to beef up your team communication? We will share power tips for setting up highly collaborative sprints that keep everyone producing.
The Luck of the Draw
Does a long list of requirements make your head spin? This power talk will help you learn to cut through the clutter and plan sprints that quickly progress from “in process” to “done.”
• Full House
Is your team ready to roll but new to Agile? Our expert will give a brief overview on the Agile Light approach to mastering your first sprint.
• Wildcard
Got a sprint ready to run, but your team has a ton of questions on how to begin? The Agilist will spend one hour answering questions, while inspiring the team to dig deeper for solutions.

Contact: Cheryl Hughey, Vice President of Strategic Operations

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